Jiangsu private enterprises offer full support in anti-epidemic battle


By February 17, private enterprises in Jiangsu had donated materials and money totaling 1.399 billion yuan for the fight against COVID-19, according to Jiangsu Federation of Industry and Commerce.

Among the donations, 882.9 million yuan was donated to Hubei, including 580.8 million yuan for Wuhan and 6.29 million yuan for Huangshi, both cities hit hard by the epidemic in the province.

Since the outbreak, the industry and commerce associations, chambers of commerce, and entrepreneurs at all levels in the province have contributed to the fight through various means, such as donating fund or medical products, doubling efforts to produce medical equipment, and helping build Huoshenshan and Leishenshan temporary hospitals in Wuhan. Some also volunteered to assist in the prevention and control of the epidemic in residential communities or rural areas.

In addition, entrepreneurs have contributed to ensure the supply off key materials for prevention and control as well as daily life necessities, and helped keep the prices stable. Others took the initiative to bear the losses caused by the cancellation of the trip due to the epidemic.