Jiangsu aligns social and economic development amid progress in epidemic fight


Lou Qinjian, secretary of the CPC Jiangsu Committee, chaired a joint meeting of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jiangsu Committee and the leading group for the prevention and control of the COVID-19 on March 6.

The meeting heard reports about the province’s fight against coronavirus as well as progress in bolstering economic and social development, and also outlined work priorities in the next stage.

The meeting called for efforts to align the social and economic development with the epidemic control and prevention, get economic and social development back on track as soon as possible, and ensure victories at the two fronts.

After hard efforts in various fields, the province has secured a steady progress in epidemic control and also accelerated the pace to resume work and get people’s life back to normal. While ensuring a zero increase of new COVID-19 case, the province has also insisted on integrating TCM and Western medicine in patient treatment, kept improving the treatment, offered more support to medical professionals on the front line, and further coordinated moves across the Yangtze River Delta region.

The meeting noted it’s necessary to adopt a holistic thinking to  better help resume work, strengthen coordination and cooperation in production, supply and sales,  and boost support among enterprises at different sizes in order to ensure the overall efficiency and quality, keep the stability of the supply chain, and protect the safety of the industrial chain.

Efforts will also be made to give full play to the role of entrepreneurs and encourage them to be creative, self-motivated and precise in epidemic fight and production resumption. Jiangsu will accelerate the construction of new infrastructure, such as major transportation and 5G projects, foster new growth areas in consumption during the epidemic fight, and increase the consumption level.

According to the meeting, the province will also continue the efforts for COVID-19 prevention and control in urban and rural areas, guarantee the disinfection of public transportation, and adopt other protective measures.

Jiangsu will speed up the efforts in emergency response management, prevention and control of major epidemics, and building the comprehensive support and guarantee system.

The province will take advantage of its strengths in science and education, bring resources from many disciplines together, and make more progress in building the national clinical medical research center and developing high-end medical equipment.