Jiangsu forms new company for China-Europe freight trains


The China-Europe freight train service welcomed a heavyweight on August 31 as the newly formed Jiangsu International Freight Train Co., Ltd. was unveiled.

File photo of Nanjing-Moscow freight train [CFP]

Jiangsu was one of the earliest provinces to open the freight train service linking China and Europe. In December 1992, Lianyungang City became the first to launch the international cargo train. In recent years, the province has continuously improved the comprehensive service and branding, taking the national lead in a number of assessment indicators.

Led by Jiangsu Overseas Group, a wholly state-owned large enterprise, the new company also received strategic investment from COSCO Shipping Logistics, a centrally-administered SOE and fund from cities with subordinate districts.

The new company will be responsible for operating freight trains in the province, planning new routes, pricing, deciding subsidy policy and external coordination. It will facilitate efforts mainly in opening overseas stations, organizing cargo, branding and industrial cooperation.

In the future, the company will bring together freight train resources in Nanjing, Xuzhou, Suzhou and Lianyungang, improve coordination, open more direct trains, optimize the cargo, and give priority to high-end equipment, green food, timber, fast-moving consumer goods, postal express and other commodities. The trains will also help transport agricultural products from Central Asia and turn Jiangsu into an economic corridor for international logistics network.