Jiangsu medial team helps COVID-19 response in Zanzibar


Jiangsu’s medical assistance team to Zanzibar donated new COVID-19 response materials, commonly used drugs, pharmaceutical manuals, orthopedic instruments and consumables to Abdulla Mzee Hospital in Pemba on the archipelago.

Members of the medical team, the 29th taskforce from China, come from the Second Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University, and they have been in Zanzibar for more than a year.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak in March, the team has fully involved in the pandemic response including planning, training, and treatment of patients on the front line.

The team regularly donated medicines to the hospital, but most of the medicines only have Chinese instructions. Therefore, the team translated a manual for the hospital, a great help to local doctors. Other donations to Abdulla Mzee Hospital included orthopedic equipment and consumables worth nearly 600,000 yuan.

In a thanks letter, Pemba’s health officer Shadya said the Chinese government has been sending medical teams to Zanzibar for decades and donated medicines and equipment to support the development of Abdulla Mzee Hospital. Zanzibar is deeply grateful for the selfless donation and the unremitting help of the Chinese government.