Suzhou offering half-price entry to 51 tourist sites


As Jiangnan Culture and Arts and International Tourism Festival opened in Suzhou, the city’s 51 A- grade tourist attractions are offering tickets for half price for ten days from August 28 to September 6.

Among the 51 destinations, there are 12 in the 5A category, the highest level in the rating system, such as water towns Zhouzhuang and Tongli. Visitors can buy the tickets at the entrance or online.

Suzhou also set aside 60 million yuan as subsidies in the form of coupons or sales promotions. Tourism companies have been encouraged to expand business, increase service, stimulate spending, and attract more inbound tourists to the city.

The festival kicked off on August 28 and will last one and a half months. It consists of rich programs of stage performance, calligraphy and folk crafts to reveal the unique charm of Jiangnan culture and tourism and promote travelling routes.