Overseas Chinese from Jiangsu mark 75th anniversary of anti-fascist war


September 3 marks the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War.

The Hong Maple Association in Canada, North American Alumni Association of Jiangsu Normal University, and participants from the University of Toronto held a virtual concert to call on people not to forget history and join efforts to safeguard peace.

Artists, composers and music lovers from China, the United States and Canada shared Chinese and Western music through the online show.

Yu Chengzhang, chairwoman of the Hong Maple Association and a native of Jiangsu Province, said safeguarding peace should not be in words and it needs more acts. The association organized a webinar last week and invited scholars of world and war history to make presentations. Participants in the event agreed it’s important to always remember those who scarified their lives to win the war and make efforts to contribute to peace today.

In the online concert, Cheng Datai and Sun Zhenhua, both artists from Jiangsu Province, also sang original songs. Sun said the cloud music and cultural exchange increased connection and friendship and also showed people’s wish for a better life at a special moment.

Hou Jiancheng, a member of the North American Alumni Association of Jiangsu Normal University, said Chinese people made great efforts and sacrifices to finally defeat Japanese aggression and also assisted the victory in East Asia. Chinese people’s spirit of unity and perseverance in the war is also a powerful inspiration to overcome all difficulties in the future, said Hou.