Regions join hands to protect Dazong Lake wetland


Administrative and judicial authorities of Yandu District in Yancheng City and Xinghua, a county-level city under the administration of Taizhou, launched a joint mechanism to protect the wetland of Dazong Lake on August 31.

The scheme has clarified the work scope and responsibilities of all parties involved and will take the form of meetings, information sharing, collaboration, inspections and other methods to coordinate and strengthen protection efforts.

File photo of Dazong Lake / CFP

Dazong Lake spanning across Yandu and Xinghua is the largest freshwater lake in the Lixiahe area in central-northern Jiangsu and a key part of the province’s efforts to protect wetland reserve and facilitate ecological rehabilitation.

The wetland has played a key role in keeping the balance between groundwater extraction and replenishment, acted as a unique habitat for a wide range of plants and animals, and preserved the biological diversity.

Since this year, Dazong Lake Tourism Resort has invested 420 million yuan for protecting the wetland and improving the surrounding environment. As a number of projects are completed, significant progress has been made in this initiative.