14 Jiangsu pharmaceutical companies in China’s top 100


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Jiangsu had 14 enterprises selected in the list of Top 100 Pharmaceutical Companies in 2019, released recently by the China Pharmaceutical Industry Information Annual Conference.

The province had the largest number of pharmaceutical large companies in China. Yangtze River Pharmaceutical Group topped the list for six consecutive years. Hengrui Medicine rose to take the 10th place, the first time to be among the top 10.

The ranking was based on China Medicine Statistical Yearbook, a publication of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and it reflected the economic performance of China’s pharmaceutical industry.

Amid the strong growth, total operating income of the top 100 enterprises reached over 929.64 billion yuan, up 10.2 percent. Compared to last list, 5 more companies achieved operating income of over 10 billion yuan, bringing the total number to 27 in 2019.