Environment workshop held for foreign-funded enterprises in Jiangsu


Representatives from five foreign-funded enterprises held candid exchanges with officials from the Jiangsu Department of Ecology and Environment at the environmental protection workshop on September 3.

The province’s environmental protection authorities frequently host open day events to explain policy and exchange views with companies. This marked the first such event held exclusively for foreign-funded enterprises in the coastal province.

Luo Rubin, Asia Pacific director of safety and health at Bekaert, said disposal of hazardous waste was affected because companies involved failed to renew the permit on time. Luo hoped efforts can be made to coordinate the permit administration so relevant companies can comply with the requirements in a timely manner.

Ge Yong, deputy director of the department’s Solid Waste and Chemicals Division, said administrative authority over the permit renewal has been delegated to cities which have subordinate districts and state-level economic development zones to exercise. The division will strengthen efforts and speed up reforms to delegate power, streamline administration and optimize government services related to the permit.

Jiangyin Propack Packing, affiliated to Amcor, and SIG Combibloc (Suzhou) raised similar questions. They hoped companies making essential livelihood products can be exempted from shutdown during the response on heavy pollution days.

Yang Haoming, deputy director of the department’s Atmospheric Division, said the Ministry of Ecology and Environment has set clear requirements for the exemption and enterprises need to comply with these standards to receive the approval. Meanwhile, environmental department will also have an in-depth study of the issue, visit companies, and organize review and assessment accordingly.

Ji Bingxian, an inspector of the department, said efforts will be made to improve the working mechanism towards foreign-funded enterprises and improve the service.

By the first half of 2020, the province’s environmental authorities at all levels received 2,801 enterprises during the open day and helped address 3,693 problems.